Friday, June 17, 2011

Monster Mania

I just cannot get enough of these adorable creatures!!!!! While out and about today- I ran across monster stickers and folders!! I think I may have the "monster bug". Here is another "freebie" for you to go along with my MONSTER MASH TPT UNIT!!!!!!
Monster Madness I HaveWho Has
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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hello Everyone- This is my second listing for the summer and I am loving it!! It is a monstrous unit filled with a wide array of "monster" themed literacy and math activities. I had a lot of fun creating this activity and hope your kiddos enjoy it!

When I first went back to school to obtain my teaching certification, I did an emotion/feelings project centered around the Ed Emberley book, Glad Monster, Sad Monster. The students always "love" units centered around this hairy scary theme.

It is still one of my favorite books to share with my students especially at the beginning of the year. My monster theme unit includes 102 pages of monstrous activities centered around different math and literacy objectives. (There are 10 math and 13 literacy) I have also included labels /picture cards for you to attach to your center envelopes/baskets.

Freebies that just complement
 my "MONSTER MASH" Unit!!

For a "colorful" sorting activity, print these adorable monster eyeball sorting cards from Mrs. Home Ec. Add a variety of googly "colored" eyes. I found various sizes at Michael's in an assortment of colors. This is a great way for students to sort and differentiate colors. (Thanks Kristen for allowing me to "share").

Another activity that student love is my EVIL EYE Count

Students will count the evil eyes in the numbered jar and record their answer on the line. Then they will roll a die to determine how many eyes to "take away". This is a great beginning subtraction activity. I add some foam circles to the center to help students cover up the amount they rolled on their die to determine the number they have left.

I love completing glyphs with my students especially at the beginning of the year. This monster theme glyph is a great kick-off to my monster unit and to help students get to know their peers and will help YOU get to know your students. (PS Don’t forget to do a teacher "monster"-The students always love this!)


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This massive giveaway featured under Donna Glynn's blog KINDERGLYNN is definitely not one you will want to miss. The Giveaway Galore is a great way to get "several" awesome units from top sellers on TPT!!  
There are "several" ways to enter-Don't miss out on your chance- Head over to Kinderglynn now!!!!

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Get your ticket...

Kindergarten Works has done it again!  She has created a remarkable must-have product. That you have to check out!!!!I am amazed by the incredible talent she has-this is excellent!!! Trust me you will NOT want to miss this incredible resource for your Kindergarten kiddos! Get your ticket today!!!

B3C (Brown Bag Book Club)

I work as a co-teacher in a first grade leveled reading group. We struggled every week helping our student's understand and grasp key elements of the stories. After numerous trainings, PLC meetings and searching the web for ideas and activities, we decided to implement the B3C (brown bag book club). This idea was orginially found on Cara Carroll's Blog- The First Grade Parade. The B3C has helped our low-leveled readers get excited about the weekly story and enabled them to have the opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions with their fellow peers. The weekly written activity and small group oral discussion helped our students immensely with their overall ability to share their thoughts/opinions, their comprehension, and increased their oral reading fluency.
Steps for implementing the B3C:

1.    Choose a story (We stick with our weekly reading story selection)
2.   Copy the appropriate book template and have students complete in class.
·    Wednesday is our day because the students have been exposed to various components of the story during whole group reader responses activities (K-W-L, Schema Chart, Venn Diagram, Whole Group Discussion, etc)
3.   Prior to the test, (Thursday or Friday morning) we give the students a small treat to put into their bags, pretzels, popcorn, cheez-it crackers, gold fish, etc)
4.   We group the students into two small groups (due to the fact we have below-level readers we make sure there is an adult at each group to oversee the project, but if you class is not leveled you could easily pair your student's into peer buddies or small groups of 3 or 4.)
5.   During the B3C discussion, students talk to their B3C members about the topic of the week (cause/effect, story elements, etc), whether or not they liked the book, why they did or did not like the book, and what part of the book was their favorite. 
6.   This activity reaches all three modalities of learners. The incorporation of B3C helped increase our students overall comprehension, reading fluency and activated their interests.


I just added my version of the Brown Bag Book Club or B3C

to my TPT store!!
I hope you have as much fun with it as we did this year!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Check It Out!!!

Did you check out my new button???? I want to give a huge shout-out to Melissa
from Mrs. M's Blog for designing and assisting me!!!!
You have been a true GEM!!!!
I really appreciate everything you did and absolutely "love" my new button!!!

What do you guys think???


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Check it out.....

Good Morning Everyone!!! I want to give a shout out to April Larremore at ChalkTalk.
THANK YOU for using my
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You are AMAZING-Gribbet-Gribbet!!!!

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It's HOT HOT HOT here in WV and I felt like throwing a sale on my TPT site
to help celebrate SUMMER!!!!
From today (6-2) through the weekend, my entire TPT store is 20% off.
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