Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring is in the air…

I’m back… I took a bit of a hiatus from the blogging world to get things back on track. Without going into a lot of detail- I needed a break. Over the last few months, I have been trying to regain my focus and remember why I went back to school to become a teacher. With that beginning said, I’m happy to announce I am back and motivated to jumpstart my spring blog posts. Although I haven’t been posting, we have been quite active in room 212.

I am not much of a holiday gal, but there is definitely something special about “springtime”. I love being able to rock out my favorite wedges and slipping into a colorful dress to start my day. It simply makes me happy!!

Everyone knows that I “love” smelly markers. I have quite a collection, but when I saw these adorable Easter ones at Party City, I knew I had to snag them up. There are three available a chick, a bunny, and a lamb. I can’t wait to share them with my kiddos this week.


During our intervention time, I utilize the thirty minutes to run my daily skill stations a.k.a centers. I have 10 different activities ranging from english, reading, spelling, and math. These are reinforcement activities to help my students retain skills previously taught in the classroom. They complete the stations with a peer buddy. I swap out my skill activities every two weeks. Due to the fact this is my first year using skill stations in my classroom, this has really helped lessen my time printing, cutting, and laminating.

Tomorrow, I am introducing our Easter theme skill stations. I think these are my favorite stations to date. I am using a combination of activities created by Katie King (Queen of the First Grade Jungle), Jennifer White (First Grade Blue Skies), Amy Lemons (Step into 2nd grade), and ME!!

I whipped up some recording sheets after a trip to the Dollar Tree. Oh My Word… Why oh why do I even step foot into that store. I went for one thing…bunny feet. I ended up with these chicks, bunnies, carrots, and speckled eggs.

Plastic Character-Shaped Easter Containers, 3-ct. Packs3¼" Standing Pastel Plastic Egg-Shaped Containers, 3-ct. Packs

Well, I knew I wanted the activities to be fun, but also they needed to reinforce key skills we have been practicing.  Here you go…

Carrot Count Up (Coin Counting)

Load up the carrot shaped containers with coins. Students will grab a carrot, count the coins, and record the sum. I made myself a key as I was filled the carrot shaped containers.




Chicky Chicky Shake (Double Digit Addition)

Add a pair of dice to the chick shaped container. Students will shake their container get their first number and repeat to get the second number. After they record, they will solve the double digit addition problem. (I printed this on both sides for extra practice)

 I phone 2407

I phone 2406

Bunny Money (Coin Counting)

Load up the bunny shaped containers with coins. Students will grab a bunny, count the coins, and record the sum.

I phone 2404

I phone 2405

Scrambled Eggs (Spelling Word Practice)

Simply add letter tiles for the weekly spelling words or sight words you want the students to review. Students will open an, egg, unscramble the letters to form a list word and record their answer on the sheet.

I phone 2395

I phone 2398

I phone 2396

I phone 2397

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