Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Keeping track of it all!

Keeping track of it all... How do you keep track of your kiddos behavior in your classroom?? I use a daily agenda to help keep parents informed of the weekly happenings in the classroom. For a few years, I used a front and back version.  image image

This had a place for our weekly spelling words, a spot for the daily behavior earned, notes, signature spot, and a weekly happenings. A few years ago,Ladybug's Teaching Files do an awesome post about how she color coded her library. As soon as I saw the colored dots, a light bulb immediately went off and I knew this was the perfect solution to my  problem. Prior to finding the "colorful dots", I used these groovy colored peace stickers from teacher created resources in their daily agendas!!! Peace Signs Mini Stickers Valu-Pak Image

Well, lets just say I was constantly buying new packs because I was running out of green (yikes! $$$$$)  I stuck a colored dot and added a number code to the behavior section.


This helped me track daily behaviors, but also informed parents as to why their little angel earned that color for the day. I am a promoter of you need to take ownership of your wrong doing. (You did it- then own it was one of my famous lines my kiddos heard. One thing that troubles me is when a child “thinks” they do not have to follow the rules and guidelines.

Well, after a little bit of searching, I finally found all of the colors I needed to make these magical dots work with my classroom behavior management. I even found a nifty holder!!

dot it labels

(I am truly IN LOVE!!!!)

The company was amazing to work with and I had my products in a few days.

Well, as they say… all good things must come to an end. This past year, my school purchased spiral bound agendas for every child. At first, I wasn’t sure how I would adapt. (Change is not my favorite word!!) Even though, it was not “my agenda” that I was used to, it worked!!

agenda new agenda new full page

PS What’s up next… I will be showing you my clip charts and my certificates!!!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's all about to change...

Change is inevitable. I was always one that didn't like change, but throughout the years, I have learned that change will happen and it is easier to mold with the change then to buck it every step of the way. This year our Reading series was up for renewal. My district voted on Journeys, but we quickly found out that our first graders would be implementing the "Success for All" Roots program to collaborate with our Kindergarten "Kinderroots". At first, I wasn't so sure about this...I thought the program itself was remarkable and was very intrigued by the facts and wealth of information I learned, but I was hesitate for one reason...IMPLEMENTATION.
Programs must be implemented correctly in order for them to work and succeed. I voiced my opinions and even though some thought I was anti-SFA, I truly was on-board all the way. My main concern was truly just the implantation. Would we have enough staff members to make the program successful? Would the groups be leveled? Would we have a cap on the number of students per group. These were just a few questions that circulated through my brain, but in the end I have to say I am excited!! I truly believe this will be a successful program at my school. I look forward to the challenge of learning the new program and watching the students soar right before my eyes. Isn't that what it's all about? Making sure the students have all the tools they need to be successful?
Well, with that being said one of my favorite things about the SFA program is the cute partner buddies. I love this idea. I created a freebie to help anyone using SFA or any Reading Series.

This freebie includes display signs for the classroom.
The signs will help the students know who will read first!

The mini cards can be used as desk tags, folder tags, etc. I plan on printing the I'm a and then the partner cards back to back and laminating them.
This will help me but will also help a sub if necessary.

These oversized cards can be used in a variety of ways throughout the day or during reading. I plan on printing, laminating, and attaching to a paint stick. I will also be making these for the inside of their reading folders too!!
Hope you will be able to use this freebie!!
What reading program do you use????

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