Sunday, July 31, 2011

B2S: Take Three “Down on the Farm”

Here is my third installment to my “back to school” units and freebies. There is always something special about implementing a farm theme. I have never met a student who did not adore learning all about the farm and the animals. The possibilities are virtually endless with this theme.

Don’t forget to add farm themed manipulatives to your centers for counters. (small plastic farm animals) The dollar store is a great place to stock up on these.

Just returned from my local Dollar General and they have the cutest Hefty Zoo Animal: “Farm Edition” Plates and Bowls. I think these would be great for part-part-whole, giving students counters, etc. during center activities.

farm plates

TPT Unit: Down on the Farm Math & Literacy Fun

Your lil’ farm hands will have a blast working during center time with these math and literacy activities. This 87 page unit has 10 different math and 10 different literacy activities to reinforce “key” elements. (counting, time, money, odd/even. number order, beginning sounds, rhyming words, creating words, etc.)

down on the farm

Freebie #1 Barnyard Cover-Up

This is a fun activity that can be played with a partner or in a small group. Students will roll a numbered die and a +/- cube to cover up the farm animals. They will play until someone covers up their entire board.

barnyard coverup

Freebie #2 Down on the Farm I have~Who has…

Can you tell I love I have~ Who has activities. My students NEVER get sick of this quick activity. This is a small/large group activity that reinforces number recognition and addition facts. Numbers 1-25 included.

farm I have

Hope you enjoy my Farm unit and freebies!!!!


“Teachers” you asked for a sale~Here you go!

It’s time to stock up on your must haves for back to school. Head on over to the TPT site and join in the fun!! I am joining many of my blogger friends and throwing a 20% sale August 1st thru August 4th.

Use the TPT code B1T1S to get an additional 10% off.

20% + 10% = 30% (Yippee!!!)

Click Below to go to my store:

Melissa Freshwater

Always, Melissa

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Good Morning!! It is hard to believe that July is almost over and school is about to begin soon. I spent the morning yesterday in one of my favorite teacher stores. I love roaming up and down the aisles and looking for goodies for my students. I picked up several phonics games, double dice, dome dice (have you seen these?), plus the must have scented stickers, and more.

I had a great time helping two colleagues pick out items for their rooms. The one thing I am dreading is trying to figure out how to organize and set up my room. I moved into a new space this year-I will be sharing a room with a great gal and am looking forward to a fabulous year, but room arrangement always seems to puzzle me. Desk here, desk there--Table there, or would it be better here--(Okay, I am going to STOP thinking about it! I get frazzled and my anxiety starts setting in!)

I wanted to upload TAKE TWO of my B2S items. Last year one of the Kindergarten teachers in my building did a back to school space theme and it was absolutely adorable. She had huge space ships, stars, planets along the stairwell and had the student’s pictures inside the space ship's, stars, etc. It was precious!!! I know all of the new student’s loved learning about the planets and were welcomed into their new mission “school”.

Sit Back~~Relax~~and get ready to BLAST OFF!!!


I have three things to share with you today. Two space related freebies and my 105 page math and literacy space themed unit.

Freebie #1: Outer Space Words

This is an ABC order using sight words. The word cards included in this activity could be re-printed and utilized for a wide array of activities in your classroom. (Sight word review, sight word writing, sight word match, etc.)


Freebie #2: Space Word Sort

This is a vowel word sort activity using short/a/ and long /a/ words.

space sort


This 105 page unit is filled with 10 different math and 10 different literacy activities. It also includes label cards for games with pieces and answer keys. Your student’s will love learning with these out of the world activities. Head on over to my TPT page and check it out!!!



Always, Melissa


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back to School Bonanza Giveaway

Are you ready to go Back to School? 

This Back to School Bonanza Giveaway should help you get in the mood!  Twelve fabulous bloggers have teamed up to give one lucky winner a huge back to school prize pack!  Scroll, down to see the twelve tantalizing prizes you could win. 

The contest will run until midnight eastern time, on Thursday, July 28th.

Head on over to Erica Bohrer’s First Grade Page at

for complete directions.

(PLEASE read all directions/instructions!!!)

Y’all don’t want to miss out on this amazing giveaway!

Bloggers involved:


Here is what you could win!

1. Deanna Jump's Back to School Math and Literacy Fun

2. Donna of Kinderglynn's Amazing Complete Word Work Centers and Small Group Instruction

3. Anna Brantley of Crazy for First's Back to School Math and Literacy Centers

4. Erica Bohrer's Back to School Writing Prompts and Activities

5. Amanda of One Extra Degree's Sub Tub

6. Miss Kindergarten's Calendar Pack

7. A Teacher's Plan Pre-Made Lesson Template from Ms. M.

8.  Yvonne of Sassy in Second's Football Number Bonds Tiered Math Tub

9. My Monster Mash Math and Literacy Fun

10. Barbara Kilburn's Back to School Math and Literacy Activities

11. Cheryl of Primary Graffiti's Celebrating Yummy Birthdays

12. Michelle of Fabulous in First's Back to School Beginning Sound Sort and Back to School Word Work

Head on over to Erica Bohrer’s First Grade Page at

for complete directions.

(PLEASE read all directions/instructions!!!)

The contest will run until midnight eastern time,

on Thursday, July 28th.

Y’all don’t want to miss out on this amazing giveaway!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Super Excited

Good Afternoon Everyone!!! The excitement is brewing and I can hardly contain myself. I am going to let you in on a little secret…Tomorrow you need to stop back because there is going to be a “huge” announcement. Trust me this is definitely not something you are going to want to miss.

On another note I had so much fun giving myself the challenge of getting 200 facebook followers that I decided to do it again. I figured I would double my goal and shoot for


likes to my fan page @

I just started working on my 2nd Facebook follower freebie. (Did you all like the Brown Bear, Brown Bear Freebie? I got many return emails excited about the mini unit filled with the different math and literacy activities.)

Well here it is!!! Tell your friends and colleagues to stop on over and press like. If you haven’t pressed like yet, then head on over- you don’t miss all of the excitement.

facebook II

Always, Melissa

P.S. Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow

for the BIG Announcement!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Do you follow???

I want to say thank you to all of my facebook followers!
You guys ROCK!!!!!
We did it in a week 200+ followers.
(Woooooo Hooooooo)
I promised as soon as we hit 200, I would post a mini unit!!!! Well, tonight is the night. Thank you to you all for graciously welcoming me into the blogging world. I have met some really fantastic “cyber” buddies!!!
Stop on over to my fan page and press LIKE if you are interested in my mini unit.

facebook II

Always, Melissa

Label Freebie

I have had many people asking me about organizing and labeling the classroom. I guess you need to start slow. I am constantly finding “new” things to label. I try to keep everything in my room labeled, simply because it is easier for me, my students, and especially a substitute. I will be uploading freebies as I find them to help you begin labeling and staying organized for the 2011-2012 school year.

Here are some misc. labels I use

labels misc.

They are set for Avery Label # 5163 (2x4)


Always, Melissa

Monday, July 18, 2011

Take One: Back to School Units and Freebies Galore

Well it’s that time again. It is hard to believe that summer is quickly slipping away and we will be returning to the classroom before we know it! I spent a few hours with a dear friend today (a main trigger/supporter of why I returned to school to get my teaching degree). She always reminds me of where I began and how far I have come. (I love you Ms. D’Val!)

~Back to school memories~

Every year on the first day of school my dad would sing me this little ditty- Oh how it used to make me cringe when I heard him bellow out the words. I would do ANYTHING now to hear him sing it just one more time!! 

School Daze, School Daze

Good ole’ golden rule days

Reading and Writing and Arithmetic

Teacher’s gonna hit you with a hickory stick.

School Daze.. School Daze..

Over the last few days, I have been working on some back to school units for my TPT account. Recently, I started adding a few freebies to go along with my units. I figured I would start posting them as I finished so you all had the opportunity to download, print, and laminate before your school year begins. This will be a multi-part post as I have several units in the works. I will be posting them between now and August. My first posting is my Wild, Wild West theme. (A little tribute to my favorite American Idol ‘Scotty McCreery” and his new song “I love you this big”—Yee Haw, I just love it!!) Hope y’all enjoy!!!



As promised, here are two western themed freebies just for you!!!

#1 Alphabet Round-Up

alphabet Round Up

#2 WANTED Number Roll-UP


I have also posted my Wild West Math & Literacy Unit at my TPT store. There are 87 pages in this unit my little buckaroos. It is filled with 10 different math and 10 different literacy activities, plus directions and activity labels.

Here is a glimpse of my Wild West Unit

literacy wwmath ww

Always, Melissa

To be continued with B2S 2011 Take Two…


Good Morning Everyone- I have gotten several emails about themes, classroom organizing, etc. My radar has now gone up and my curiosity is definitely spiked!! What is your theme for the 2011-2012 school year? I am going completely off the cuff this year. (Remember I am a special needs resource teacher servicing K-1. My space is small and I try to make it as inviting and “colorful” as I can.) My theme to be unveiled soon-Did you see my labels for this year-Did it give you a clue?

So are you picking one of these themes?






 free_disney_clipart_cars_sallyKid Friendly Movies/Shows


cowgirl_horse Western


   If not, what is your theme??

Always, Melissa

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