Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Applicious Adventures

Today was our “apple tasting” event. We had a yummy good time. First, we sample our apple varieties and wrote adjectives describing them. I had the students pick one of their adjectives from their list and write it on an index card and post it on our “big, juicy red apple”.





Adjective Chart



Next they picked their favorite apple variety (red, green, or yellow) and we posted it on our oversized apple chart. After all of the students posted their apples, we analyzed our data.





Student Recording Sheet I had them “draw” apple using colored pencils as the students were coming up one by one to put on chart.



Tomorrow we will be writing about our “favorite” apples and creating a project for “open house”.


You can snag up this freebie at my TPT store





Monday, September 24, 2012

Applicious Activities

Today was Day One of our “applicious” fun. We did an applesauce tasting and incorporated  an adjective and math lesson.

I whipped up a couple recording sheets last night to correlate with my lesson objectives. I have added these as a freebie at my TPT store so you can snag them up here. (feel free to pin)

Hope you enjoy!




More “applicious” adventures to come throughout the week.



Saturday, September 15, 2012

Peace, Love, and Sheer Panic

Good Morning Everyone!!! It has been so long since I have blogged. Thank you all for the emails.  On August 27th, I received the phone call every mother dreads… Your son was involved in an accident! My only son was involved in a one vehicle accident responding to a volunteer fire call for another accident. He was air-lifted to a nearby Pittsburgh hospital and underwent surgery for a shattered femur and monitored for head trauma. My son has a very long and painful recover, but he is going to OK!!photo3Well, as many of you know I decided to venture into a regular classroom this year. My theme peace, neon, and polka dots.


This is my outside of my door and my “where are we sign” I changed it up a bit when I decided to go with a peace theme. My “travel agent” moves the peace sign whenever we leave the room.


I was completed stressed out about “keeping track” of my kiddos. I found this pinterest inspired board and knew I had to recreate for my class. I headed on done to our local Dollar General market and snagged up a cookie sheet and when to town. My kids “love” using this board!!!! And I love knowing exactly where they are…




Thanks to Ms. Fultz Corner for designing my blog, but for letting me snag this adorable saying. I recreated it using my signature polka dots and neon!


Here is a closer look at my Math Focus Board. Our county has adopted the Pearson Envisions and Investigations Series. I couldn’t find an alphabet I liked… Love my cricut and my mom for having the patience to deal with my OCD issues.


These money posters were from my room last year. They were inspired from Doodle Bugs Teaching. The rug…Walmart


Here is my helper board. I don’t have a lot of wall space so I simply attached this tray to my closet door. You can find my polka dot jobs {here}   I love my little command clear buckets too.


I needed something above my windows. I created these images using poster board and added some glitter!!! Love Love Love theme. My shelves hidden behind my polka dotted curtains (Thanks mom for sewing) hold my art supplies, math manipulatives, literacy manipulatives, etc.


This picture was taken on the first day. We did Abby’s Jitter Juice Activity!!!! They loved it!!! Thanks Abby for being an inspiration!!!

Back Area


If you are standing at the front of my room, this is what you see. Of course, I couldn’t find a number line I liked either. (Thanks MOM for your patience!!!!!)


Here is my mail station, library, and part of my reading focus wall. The drawers house my monthly supplies (stickers, cutouts, etc)


Here is my calendar and birthday boards. You can snag up these adorable cupcakes that are in my Birthday Decor Packet {Here} You can also see a small glimpse of my desk area. My NEWS area was suppossed to be a mini bulletin board of important dates, events, etc but has rapidly turned into a “love” bulletin board. I love all the notes, pictures, cards, etc my Groovy Kids have been making me. They have definitely been filling my bucket.


Last but not least, here is a picture of my desks on the first day. I purchased a black/white PEACE folder at Walmart. A black notebook, pencil box, and supplies for my students (Thanks TPT for giving me the opportunity to help my students which over 70% come from low-income families) Oh and the “PEACE” inspired take-out box which was “filled” with different trinkets.


SORRY FOR THE LONG POST!!!!! I know many people have been asking for my UNIT 2 Reading Street Items. I will be uploading unit 2.1 and 2.2 today. Thanks again for all of your support!!!



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