Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Extreme Clean

Okay, I don’t know how many of you know this but prior to going back to school to get my teaching degree, I owned a gift shop. Well, we closed the store awhile back and I have begun to sort, price for “yard sale”, and organize-AGAIN!!! Well, let’s just say my gift shop back rooms looked like a mini teacher store. I have been collecting various school related items (Okay I admit, I had a problem will school related items-Always thought I needed everything right then and right now!) Well, needless to say I am a little older and a little wiser and definitely a little more frugal. I am proud to say that I have NOT stepped foot into a Dollar Tree since June. That is a huge accomplishment for me. I also have no purchased one pair of shoes or been to WHBM this whole entire summer- YIPPPEEEEEE for me!!!!

While, cleaning I found these round circle shapes… Instant thought…


With these steps…..

  • Spray Paint Black
  • Cut and Add Glitter Numbers (Loving Me Some Cherry Limeade)
  • Modge Podge
  • Attach magnets to back

Complete: I have my student numbers for my Job Chart.

photo photo

WOOOOO HOOOOO another craft complete….

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trying to be thrifty…

Been trying to “slowly” get things ready for my classroom. Summer seems to have flown by…

Here are a few things I have been busy with… While grabbing the coffee out the other morning, I thought this would be a perfect container to store my students sticks. Hmmmmmmmmm…….Off to the basement to find those empty cans!

Once I found two, I simply took off the label and made a template. I used a piece of scrapbook paper, added a cute label, laminated, and then adhered to the can. I secured it with a piece clear packaging tape. All I need to do is add my skinny Crayolas and I am all set!!!!

photo photo

Now, cleaning out my gift shop… What a chore!!! I had an overabundance of clothespins….Why does one need several packages of wooden clothespins when they do not even have a clothesline????

Well, I simply took my clothespins outside added a coat of spray paint.

photo (1)

Next, I found some small wooden disks and sprayed them too.

I cut out numbers using my cricut and my Cherry Limeade cartridge (Love this font!!) After gluing and modge podging this is the end result.

photo (2)

I put them all together and I have some adorable student numbered clothespins to use for my clip charts and daily homework baskets. (Ohmyword!!! I am loving these!!!)


Now I recently blogged about my clipboards well I found mini boards in my stash too. Okay let’s just say my stash is “huge” but I am hoping after my yard sale it diminishes a little. I can never say “NO” to a good bargain. Keep my away from the Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Zone PLEASE!!!!! My baby is going to college and needs new linesman boots! (LOL)

I grabbed my collection of ribbon-It is slowly diminishing now.


More cutting and stacking-Oh My what was I thinking…


I added the numbers to the bottom right hand corner instead of using the metal tag. Students will use their numbered clipboard! This will help me to solve any mysteries such as broken boards, vandalism, etc.

I am going to use these for 1/2 sheets of paper during write the room, partner work, etc. (LOVE MY MINI BOARDS- Too CUTE!!)

photo (1)

photo (1)

Well, off to begin my next project…. Adding ribbon bookmarkers to my composition books. Have you seen this???

Head on over to

What’s the Buzz


Too Darn Cute for Words……



Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christmas in July

MY SALE HAS BEEN EXTENDED!!! That's right all my holiday items will be 20% off today too!!!!!!! (7-26-12)

Okay my sweet bloggin’ friends.
I promised you a “sweet” surprise.
Here it is…
I am teaming up with some blogging buddies for some jolly good deals on our seasonal items.  

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Polka Dot Fever

Well, I am definitely getting tons of support and feedback with my polka dot items. I am glad you guys are enjoying them.

(I know my printer and laminator have been working overtime)

heart stripped and dots bw

I have had some requests for a few more polka dot items, but I thought I would ask here…

What do you desire or want ????

Email me your requests at mfresh2@aol.com

or comment below.

I have a few things in the works but want to get the top 5 must have items finished before August 1st.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crafting the Summer Away


Last year, while pinning I just had to buy clipboards. Well, after I purchased a classroom set…they sat. (I bought these at the Dollar Tree)


Well, after a trip to Michaels and Hobby Lobby buying ribbon, I set out to create some jazzy clipboards.


First I cut piles of ribbon! This was definitely a chore, but a good movie on LMN and I was down in no time. My theme is B/W polka dots with poppin’ colors of fuchsia, lime green, turquoise, orange, and purple. I used a variety of ribbon in all 5 shades plus a variety of B/W polka dot ribbon. After making the piles I secured them in the center with a strip of thin ribbon. Next, I tied them to the clipboard.


The finished product…


Not sure if you can see but there is a small circular tag in the center. I will put the numbers 1-25 on the clip boards. Student 1 will use clipboard 1 and so forth. This way if my clipboard get damaged I will know exactly who the culprit is without heavy investigation. (LOL)


I am lovin’ my new jazzy clipboards, but now have to bring myself to take the plastic off… Yes, I was the one in the movie theatre during the scene in Magic Mike’s truck where he still had the plastic on in the interior of his truck. (That’s me want to keep things new as long as possible. That’s my OCD kicking in!!)



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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Behavior Clip Chart-UPDATE

As many of you know from my previous post: “Behavior At It’s Best” I posted my polka dot theme clip chart and best behavior catalog. The response has been overwhelming. You guys ROCK!!!

I just revised and uploaded my polka dot clip chart (By Popular Demand!!) You can now choose your order

Top (RED)—> Bottom (PINK)


Top (PINK)—> Bottom (RED)


You can snag up my polka dot clip chart here for $2.00



(I didn’t remake the picture but I am sure you can visualize!!)



Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Behavior at it’s BEST

I have been working on my Behavior Management System. After reaching and doing a lot of reading. (You bloggers are the best!) I have decided to use an adapted version of the Rick Morris Clip Chart System. I am sticking with my polka dot theme.

You can snag up my polka dot clip chart here



As I was working on my system, I came across an adorable, precious, amazing… Okay there are NOT enough acronyms to describe this cutie patootie idea from Sarah at First Grade at Last.  There were just a few posters featured but throughout the comments many people gave suggestions. I ran with it and created my version own.

I am going to implement the positive behavior catalog for my top of the chart and off the chart students. I am hoping the “variety” of fun rewards will motivate all my student’s to be on their tip-top behaviors daily.

Here is glimpse at my classroom behavior catalog poster packet


What’s Coming


Polka Dot & Chevron Styles Available)



Scott Foresman Reading Street Unit 2 (All of Unit 1 Stories have been posted)

Head on over to my TPT store for details


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Second Grade Ready or Not… Here I Come

Good Morning!! As many of you know I am leaving my position and heading to 2nd grade. Excited, Nervous, Excited, Nervous… Oh My!!!
I have begun working on my Reading Activity Packets for the Scott Foreman Reading Street Series.
I have begun working on Unit 1- I am hoping to have the entire unit up by Saturday.
Yes, before my email gets blown up I will be posting each story on tpt.
I have posted my first packet Iris and Walter.
I am including images to use on your Focus Wall- I am so excited about this- I can’t wait to get my wall up!!! I will be featuring different B/W backgrounds each week.
Here is a small glimpse of a couple activities using the spelling words and high frequency words from the story.
I am loving this writing craftivity. I am planning on implementing many different style of writing this year to get my kiddos ready for 3rd grade and the WV writing assessment. (Does your state implement a writing assessment?)
Head on Over to My TPT Store and Snag this 35 page activity packet for $3.50
Always, Melissa

ALL UNIT 1 STORIES have been added to my TPT Store.
each Unit is $3.50 contains posters, seat activities, writing & craftivity, plus more!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012






If you want to snag this up simply head on over to my TPT store!!

Happy 4th of July

Always, Melissa

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Keeping yourself organized

Well, this is probably the “biggest” question I get via email. “How do you keep yourself organized all throughout the year?” I think this is a tricky question and you need to find a system that works for you. I have always been a pretty organized person. When I returned to school a few years ago many “younger students” seemed to always comment about how organized I was-My reply was always, ‘I’m old!” I thought that due to the fact I was 10-15+ years older then them it helped me to have a better control over organizing my life. Once in the workforce, I rapidly discovered organization + age do not go hand-n-hand at all. There are many disorganized people out there. Yes, I admit I am a hot mess at times, but all in all I keep it together.

I utilize a one binder system to help me “keep it together”. Last year, I was gracious enough to have Mrs. Pollard from Tales of a Teacherista share her binder inserts with me.  As a special education teacher, I had to do some tweaking and adjusting and created my own set using her adorable set-up. This year, as many of you know, I am headed to a regular education classroom… 2nd grade or BUST!!! I created a version using my signature polka dots. (I can’t seem to get enough of the pattern- It seems so classic to me!!! Love me some black and white dots!!)



Grab my BINDER & Forms at my TPT store for $4.00

P.S. Thank you all for your words of inspiration!! WOW!! You guys really blew up my email with you pleas and requests!!!

Here is just a small glimpse of packet:


Here is a small glimpse at a few of my inside binder forms



Weekly To Do






How do you keep it all together??????

Always, Melissa

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