Saturday, October 3, 2015

Spell It Out

Hey y’all. Hope everyone is well! It is a rainy and quite chilly Saturday her in the Ohio Valley, but I am trying to stay productive. I am finishing up another Spell It Out Pack and getting ready to watch my VOLS!!

My school just adopting a new reading program, but we needed some help with spelling and grammar since we didn’t adopt a program to cover all the curriculum for RLA. Our upper grades adopted Houghton Mifflin Journeys so we did utilize as much as we could. I personally found the journey’s spelling units to be quite lacking. (How in the world do you test kids on six words?) This caused me to “think” about how I was going to implement and teach spelling with no material. After creating a personalized list of words with the help of several great minds, was had the basics… a word list. Immediately, I knew I had to do something pretty quick to help my firsties learn the key skills they would need to become better readers and writers. I started creating activities to correlate with the word lists and some centers to help reinforce the spelling skill for the week.

Introducing SPELL IT OUT!!

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This new series gives you a list of skill words, supplemental sheets to use in class or for homework and center activities to assist during your literacy skill stations.

The printable pages include
A Word List
ABC Order
Word Search
Shape Boxes
Fill in the blank
Word Sort
Word Scramble
Spelling Test Sheet

Center Activities Include
ABC Order
Word sort
Fill in the blank
Unscramble the word

short e

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